The Philmont Opportunity Crew is for Scouts and Adults who need financial support to go to Philmont. A limited number of positions for Scouts and Adult Leaders are available. Generous need based scholarships are also available.  Philmont Scout Ranch provides the opportunity for crews to select backpacking trips of 50 to 80+ miles in length. There are some 262,000 acres of mountain terrain available for you to explore.  Your crew may participate in activities including climbing high mountain peaks (up to 12,441 feet); gold panning; mountain biking; rock climbing; horseback riding; black powder, rifle, and shotgun shooting; homesteading; burro packing; and many more. You will have the chance to see and experience how people lived in the old West, and perhaps help build a railroad. 

Contact us to hear more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, find out how to apply, what youíll do at Philmont, and learn why itís just too good of a chance to pass up!  An expedition will be available every summer;  if you canít make it in 2017,  start planning for 2018. If you or anyone you know is interested in this great opportunity, please contact Frank Davol or Mark McDermott


Pictures from the 2014 POC Trek