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The Capitol Area Council is coordinating a contingent of 12 crews with 12 members each to Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico in the summer of 2002.  This web site is designed for these crews, their members, and other interested parties to share information about the trek.




If you have any questions, contact Tour Director Sid Covington or Scout liaison  James Johnson.

Upcoming Contingent activities:

  • MAPS are ready for Crew Advisors to pick up at Sid Covington's house.  When you pick up the tube with your crew's maps, please sign the pick-up sheet.

  • Final Contingent meeting was held Thursday, May 23.  All paperwork is complete.  Duffle bags were distributed to crews attending meeting.  For status of your crew's paperwork, click the button below.

Click to review Crew paperwork


6/30/2002 -- added map pickup notice.

5/24/2002 -- added final meeting presentation, added crew paperwork status page.

5/9/2002 -- added final meeting announcement information.

4/2/2002 -- Updated some itinerary selections.

3/25/2002 -- Updated some itinerary selections; added Talent Release form to Advisor Checklist of information they need to have.

3/20/2002 -- Updated some itinerary selections; added description/photo of duffle bag on Contingent Logo page.

3/16/2002 -- Uploaded new itinerary selection spreadsheet.

3/14/2002 -- Notice regarding arrival of TREKS 2002 books.

3/5/2002 -- The Contingent logo has been put on the web site.  It will be used on the duffle bags and each crew should include it on their crew tee shirts.

2/28/02 -- Updated some of the crew rosters; added information above about the TREKS-2002 books.  E-mail's sent today to all Crew Advisors giving crew financial status and informing of March 2 payment.

2/18/02 -- Various changes have been made to the website.  These include incorporating the presentation materials from the February 9 meeting, updating crew rosters, and addition of the bus assignments link to the Crew Information page.  These assignments are different from those shown earlier as we now have three coed crews.

1/23/2002 -- At least one adult advisor from each crew should plan to attend the February 9 meeting.  Bring current crew roster information with you to the meeting.

12/8/2001 -- All crew advisors should send their crew information (including Crew Leader and Chaplain's Aide) information to Sid Covington.  Check your crew information on this site to be sure it is up to date.  

We have received scholarship information and will be emailing crew advisors with the information on scholarships they have requested for their crew members.

12/7/2001 -- Information packages received from Philmont are being mailed to the Crew Advisors.  These packages include the Planning Guide, Medical Forms, Tooth of Time Traders catalog, and other information.  If Crew Advisors do not receive their packages during the week of December 10, please contact Sid Covington.  

12/1/2001 -- all crews should make their December payments to the Council Office.

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