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The Capitol Area Council is coordinating a contingent of 16 crews with 12 members each to Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico in the summer of 2007.  Half these crews will depart Austin June 21, 2007 and half July 3, 2007.

This web site is designed for these crews, their members, and other interested parties to share information about the trek.

Philmont 2007 Council Contingent:


All participants in the 2007 Capitol Area Council are encouraged to click on the button below and fill out a survey about your experience.  This survey will allow us to do a better job in the future and help next year's participants learn from you. 


Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey, your input will be very valuable.


  • The final organizational meeting was held Tuesday, May 22, 2007.  For information about it and the presentation materials, click on the "Meeting Information" link at the left.

  • The 2007 Trail Food Menu and ingredients list is now available.  Go to the General Information of this website, click on "Trail Food", and then on the "2007 Menu" button for details.

  • The Itinerary Selection survey form and spreadsheets have been updated to reflect the 2007 itineraries.  Because of some changes to the programs, the program lists have changed from previous years.  If you used the 2006 spreadsheet to do preliminary planning, you should be certain that you past the correct rows of scores into the 2007 spreadsheet.

  • Height/Weight Limits:  There is a typo on the 2006 Health and Medical record form in the height & weight chart.  The maximum acceptable weight for a participant 6'1" tall is 246 pounds.  More information may be found in the Medical Considerations page of the General Information section of this website.

  • The second Contingent organizational meeting was held Thursday, November 16, 2006.  Information about the meeting can be found by clicking on the Meeting Information link at the left.

  • The first Contingent organizational meeting was held Thursday, March 23, 2006.  Information about the meeting can be found by clicking on the Meeting Information link at the left.


Philmont has rescinded its change to the the First Aid training requirement for 2007.  As in previous years, 2007 crews will be required to have one participant in each crew currently certified in Red Cross Standard First Aid (or equivalent) and one participant in each crew be currently certified in CPR. 

Philmont had planned to change the requirement from Standard to Wilderness First Aid but the American Red Cross was unable to provide enough courses nationwide to fulfill the needs.  The Wilderness First Aid course is strongly recommended because it does a significantly better job of preparing you for the backcountry, wilderness environment of your Philmont Trek.  Because Wilderness First aid is a superset of Standard First Aid, being certified in it more than fulfills Philmont's requirement.  Information on the Wilderness First Aid course being taught this fall by the Capitol Area Council may be found by clicking the button below:

Wilderness First Aid

This website is an ongoing project.  Look at it often for updated information!  As we get closer to the actual trek dates, changes will occur more frequently.

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