625-D-01 through 625-D-16             June 24, 2012 -- July 7, 2012


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The Capitol Area Council has sponsored a Council Contingent of crews participating in treks at Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico for the past several summers.  This web site is designed for these crews, their members, and other interested parties to share information about the trek.

Philmont 2012 Council Contingent:


Three areas that were problematic for crews in the summer of 2011 were Wilderness First Aid training, adults not meeting the height/weight requirements, and crews that had poor map and compass skills. 

  • Numerous crew members (adult advisors and youth) were sent home for failing to meet the height & weight requirements.  This created problems with two-deep leadership, first aid training, delayed check-in, etc.  Please check with all your crew's participants to insure they will meet these requirements.  The requirements can be viewed in the General Information of this website or at www.philmontscoutranch.org.

  • Crews should become proficient in map and compass use.  A number of crews became "lost" or "disoriented" in 2010 because they didn't have adequate skills, didn't take or consult their sectional maps, or relied on their GPS and/or iPhone.  Philmont is a wilderness area!  Crews will need to be able to navigate.  Skilled use of map and compass is critical.  Using GPS's can be helpful but, without basic map and compass skills, a GPS is no more than extra weight!  Philmont maps use the UTM coordinate system.  Crews should become proficient in using UTM, compass, and topographic maps.  Philmont is a great place to use a GPS but not the place to learn how.

Crew Advisors should frequently check the information for their crew on this website.  Please send any corrections or changes to Sid Covington as quickly as possible.

This website is an ongoing project.  Look at it often for updated information!  As we get closer to the actual trek dates, changes will occur more frequently.

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