625-Q-01 through 625-Q-08           June 24, 2018 -- July 7, 2018


Expedition # Unit District Crew Advisor


625-Q-01 201 North Shore John Tyler  
625-Q-02 231 Live Oak Eric Winkenwerder  
625-Q-03 403 Thunderbird Rick Bowman  
625-Q-04 204 Colorado River Shawn Wilder  
625-Q-05 109 Live Oak James Beck  
625-Q-06 271 North Shore Robert Ryan  
625-Q-07 9 Armadillo Matthew Shaw  
625-Q-08 Provisional Council Marcus Boone  



Each crew should use "Philmont 2018" and its assigned Expedition number (625-Q-nn) on any correspondence with the Council or Philmont. 
Mail addressed to crew members while at Philmont must include the Expedition number.