624-R-01 through 624-R-04               June 23, 2019 -- July 6, 2019

Philmont Contact Information

If you need to make contact with a trek participant while they are on the trek, use the following: 


The emergency contact number at Philmont is 575-376-2281.  Give your Scoutís name and the expedition number which is 624-R-__.  You should call this number only in an extreme emergency in which you need to have your Scout taken off the trail and sent home immediately.  Be aware that the an adult must accompany your Scout off the trail and the crew must have two-deep adult leadership at all times.  If there is only one adult in the crew, this could result in the entire crew being taken off the trail. 

It may take some time for a return call depending on the time and where the person is located on the Ranch.   If it is not that important, it can wait until the crew gets off the trail, you can contact Rick Denison at the Council Service Center -- 512-926-6363 (days).


You can send mail to your Scout at Philmont. Crewmembers will only be able to retrieve mail in base camp before going on the trail (June 24) and when they come off the trail (July 5 ).   All mail should be addressed to:

        Your Scouts Name
        Expedition 624-R-______
        Philmont Scout Ranch
        17 Deer Run Rd
        Cimarron, NM 87714


Cell Phones in Philmont

Your Scout will have the opportunity to call home while at Philmont. If your Scout takes a cell phone to Philmont, they may use it to call home from base camp but service is often spotty depending on the carrier.  Instruct your Scout to leave the cell phone in the crew locker while on the trail.  There is no opportunity to recharge the phone in the backcountry, there is rarely cell coverage, and it is just extra weight to carry.