624-R-01 through 624-R-04            June 23, 2019 -- July 6, 2019



2019 Philmont Council Contingent

The Capitol Area Council has sponsored a Council Contingent of crews participating in treks at Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico for the past several summers.  The council contingent for the summer of 2019 has been confirmed.  The council has been allocated 4 crews of 12 participants each (96 total).

Age Requirement:

The minimum age permitted for participation in a Philmont trek was changed in 2010 and applies to the 2019 contingent.  It is:

A youth must be 14 years of age OR 13 years of age and completed the 8th grade by the date of participation.

Crew Contract:

It is advisable to have all members of the crew sign a contract that commits them to honor their financial obligations and to participate in all of the crew training activities. Philmont is a not an extended summer camp, it requires training and team building in order to be prepared for the 11 days that the crew is on the trail (see next section).

A set of sample contracts are available in the General Information section of this website under the Forms/Contracts link.

These 3 areas are always problematic for crews going to Philmont:

1) Crews put off taking the required CPR & Wilderness First Aid Training courses -- often because of cost.  One way to solve this is to build the cost of the course into the amount your crew charges its participants.  Take the course(s) as early as possible -- CPR usually has a one year expiration & Wilderness First Aid two years.

2) Numerous crew members (adult advisors and youth) were sent home for failing to meet the height & weight requirements. This created problems with two-deep leadership, first aid training, delayed check-in, etc.  Please check with all your crew's participants to insure they will meet these requirements.  The requirements can be viewed in the General Information of this website or at www.philmontscoutranch.org.

3) Crews should become proficient in map and compass use.  A number of crews become "lost" or "disoriented" each summer because they don't have adequate skills, don't take or consult their sectional maps, or rely on their GPS and/or iPhone.  Philmont is a wilderness area!  Crews will need to be able to navigate.  Skilled use of map and compass is critical.  Using GPS's can be helpful but, without basic map and compass skills, a GPS is no more than extra weight!  Philmont maps use the UTM coordinate system.  Crews should become proficient in using UTM, compass, and topographic maps.  Philmont is a great place to use a GPS but not the place to learn how!

Wilderness First Aid

Philmont requires that at least two members of each crew be currently certified in Wilderness First Aid and two in CPR.  It is strongly recommended that more than two crew members be trained in these.  The trained crew members may be a youth or adult and it does not have to be the same person although the current American Red Cross curriculum for their Wilderness and Remote First Aid course has CPR as a prerequisite. 

There are a number of service providers that offer courses in WFA/CPR. However, there are only a limited number of these courses taught in our area and they fill quickly.  Follow the links below for more information on the courses. The information will be updated as often as possible.


Medical forms:

As mentioned at the contingent meetings, the contingent advisors will review all medical forms before leaving for Philmont. This limits the possibility of having an issue during medical recheck.


Crew Advisors should frequently check the information for their crew on this website.  Please send any corrections or changes to Mark McDermott as quickly as possible.

This website is an ongoing project.  Look at it often for updated information!  As we get closer to the actual trek dates, changes will occur more frequently.

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