624-R-01 through 624-R-04            June 23, 2019 -- July 6, 2019

Contingent/Crew Planning Timeline

Several of the key activities and dates that should be used to prepare for the 2019 Contingent trek are shown below:


Due Date


First Contingent Organizational Meeting

Distribute:   Crew Binders
                   Philmont 2019 Medical forms - download from here

 September 2018

Contingent Advisor
Crew Advisor
Any others

Contingent Payment 1 due

July 2018

Crew Advisor

Contingent Payment 2 due

October 2018

Crew Advisor

Crews have all members selected  -- Data uploaded to Philmont Gateway


Crew Advisor

Contingent Payment 3 due

December 2018

Crew Advisor

Final Contingent Payment Due

February 2019

Crew Advisor

Philmont mailing received, Crews pick-up:
         TREKS 2019 Itinerary Guide book
         2019 Guidebook to Adventure
         Crew Leader/Advisor Information
         Contingent Council Shoulder Patches
         Itinerary Selection Instructions/Worksheet

Crews enter Itinerary selection information on itinerary selection website, receive itinerary assignment

~Spring 2019

~April 2019

Contingent Advisor
Crew Advisor

Crew Tee-Shirt design complete, order tee-shirts


Crew Advisor

Complete/verify Wilderness First Aid & CPR training
  Verify adult leader registration & Youth Protection training

April 2019

Crew Advisor

Collect all Medical forms & Insurance Cards from crewmembers.
Scan medical forms in PDF format and upload to website 

Do not send them via email


Crew Advisor

All Crew paperwork must be turned in to the Contingent Advisor No Later Than 4/15/2019

Final Contingent Organizational Meeting
   Distribute:   Contingent Duffle bags
                        Family Information sheets

Spring 2019

Contingent Advisor
Crew Advisor
Any others

Crew Tee-Shirts complete, distribute to crewmembers

May/June 2019

Crew Advisor

Depart for Philmont


Contingent Advisor
Bus Leaders
Crew Advisor

Return to Austin


Contact the Contingent Advisor at any time if there are questions or issues that need to be resolved.