624-R-01 through 624-R-04           June 23, 2019 -- July 6, 2019


Each participant (youth and adult) is required to have a complete field ("Class-A") uniform to participate with the Council Philmont Contingent.  Guidelines for the field uniform are:

Arrive at the bus meeting location wearing a full summer field uniform.  This includes:

Participants with primary registration in a Boy Scout Troop:

Participants with primary registration in a Venturing Crew:

  • Tan uniform shirt (with Contingent Council shoulder strip)     

  • Official Scout shorts (or Official Scout long pants)

  • Official Scout socks (if wearing Scout shorts)

  • Scout belt (web or leather)

  • Green uniform shirt (with Contingent Council shoulder strip)

  • Crew's "official" pant

  • Crew's "official" socks (if official pant is shorts)

  • Crew's "official" belt

Crewmembers may wear either the "old" uniform or the Centennial uniform.  They should wear the uniform that is appropriate to their registration -- i.e., if a crew is made up of Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts, there will be a mix of the uniforms.  If there are members of different Venturing Crews, there may be a mixture of pants with their green uniform shirts.

You will wear your field uniform at all times while you are in public from the time you arrive at the bus until we reach Philmont and then again from the time we leave Philmont until you leave the bus in Austin upon your return.  On the bus while traveling, you will be able to remove your uniform shirt.  There may be occasions on which you will be permitted to leave the bus in an activity (“Class-B”) uniform which means that the uniform shirt is removed and you will wear your crew's T-shirt.

Each participant should pack their base camp clothing in the contingent issued duffle bag and wear their crew's T-shirt under the field uniform shirt on the bus.  Your duffle bag will travel in overhead bins or under your seat during the bus ride to and from Philmont.  It is strongly recommended that you wear your boots on the bus instead of packing them -- this insures that you really remember to bring them and takes less luggage space. 

Once you reach Philmont you will only need to be in field uniform for certain meals, your crew photo, religious services, and campfires.  At other times you can wear whatever you choose as long as it is not objectionable and is appropriate for a Scouting setting.  Your crew tee shirt is preferred and that is what most crews wear.

Pack all of your trail equipment and clothing in your backpack and all of your base camp needs and clothing and travel gear in your contingent supplied duffle bag.  Your duffle bag (with your field uniform) will be stored in lockers at Camping HQ while you are on the trail.  Backpacks will travel in the bus luggage compartment and will not be available during the bus rides.