Contingent Shoulder Strips & Logo Patches

For the past several years, the contingent has created Council Shoulder Strips (CSP's) for contingent participants.  In addition to these patches, we have created "contingent" logo patches for contingent participants.  One of each of these patches is given to each crewmember on the contingent as part of their fee.

Additional patches beyond the ones provided to crewmembers are available for purchase. 

The funds earned from the sale of these patches are used to support our all-scholarship crews that we send to Philmont each year.  These crews are for youth who would not be able to participate in a Philmont trek without significant financial support to pay the various fees and charges, transportation, equipment, and clothing needed for a successful Philmont trek.  These crews have been extremely successful for the past several years so please view the cost of these patches as a contribution to a very worthwhile endevour.

Year Patch Type Price each Price per Five  
2005 Philmont Contingent  CSP $40.00 $135.00  
2005 Philmont Contingent  PP Sold Out Sold Out  
2006 Philmont Contingent  CSP $40.00 $110.00  
2006 Philmont Contingent  PP $15.00 $55.00
2007 Philmont Contingent  CSP $35.00 $110.00  
2007 Philmont Contingent  PP $15.00 $55.00
2008 Philmont Contingent  CSP $35.00 $110.00
2008 Philmont Contingent  PP $15.00 $35.00
2009 Philmont Contingent  CSP $35.00 $110.00
2009 Philmont Contingent  PP $10.00 $35.00
2010 Philmont Contingent  CSP $30.00 $110.00
2010 Philmont Contingent  PP $10.00 $35.00
Other Patches
2006 Council Shooting Sports Day PP $10.00 $40.00
2007 CAC/Longhorn Councils Powder Horn CSP $35.00