Philmont Council Contingents

Flora/Fauna at Philmont

The Philmont Fieldguide book may be purchased at the Tooth of Time Traders Trading Post at Philmont.  It provides a good, easy to use, reference of the flora/fauna, geology, history, and sky's at Philmont.  It is suggested that each crew obtain a copy of this Fieldguide and carry it with the on the trail. 

Steve Mountainspring from Oregon has compiled a set of lists that are really useful.  Crews may wish to print these and take copies on the trail with them.  Clearly , Steve is much more knowledgeable than I am but he still placed a caveat on what he compiled:  "Important note:  Generally, these lists are based on distribution maps, not observed occurrences.  [The wildflower and butterfly lists in particular would take a lot of field work to confirm the presence of individual species.  Also, the lists include species that occur at lower elevations on the plains.]"

If you use these, please thank Steve by contacting him at

       Sid Covington

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