Philmont Council Contingents


This contains various forms you may find helpful in planning your Philmont trek.


Crew member contracts

Below are several sample crew member contracts that have been developed by various groups going to Philmont.  Having a contract with a crew member provides a number of benefits:

  1. Sitting down with the prospective crew member and his/her parents provides an opportunity to insure that they understand what they are committing to.

  2. Reviewing the contract you decide to use/develop provides the framework for setting expectations of attendance at shakedown, fundraising, payment schedules, other activities.

  3. It provides a "comfortable" way to eliminate a crew member that is really interested -- if they have not been fulfilling their commitment, they are in violation of the contract.

CAC Contingent This is a sample contract that is included in the Crew Advisor Binder for the 2012 Capitol Area Council Philmont Contingent advisors.  It may be modified as needed.
Generic This is a very general contract developed by a troop in 2005.
Scoring Contract This contract was developed by a troop in 2007.  It includes a "scoring" formula for determining eligibility as well as a contract.
Troop Contract This contract was developed by a troop in 2002.  It includes a set of minimum participation requirements.