Itinerary Selection Process

For your Philmont trek, you will follow an assigned "itinerary."  This itinerary defines which campsites you will go to each night, the programs you will participate in, where you will pick up food, and where water may be found.  The itinerary will also have side hikes -- these are generally nearby peaks you can climb.

For the summer of 2018, there are thirty-five 12-Day itineraries and fifteen 7-Day itineraries defined by Philmont.

Your crew has to select its itinerary from one of the defined itineraries.  This process begins in March when the Philmont TREKS 2018 Itinerary Guidebook is received.  There are separate books for 7-Day and 12-Day expeditions.  Your book includes a instructions that your crew uses to indicate the top choices of itineraries that it wants.  Crews will enter their choices on an internet website (instructions are included in the TREKS books).  That website will become available in April.  After entering your information and choices, your crew's itinerary will be assigned immediately. 

When picking your itinerary, it is recommended that you try to best fit the itinerary to your crew's interests and abilities.  You should accurately judge the capability and experience of your crew and select an itinerary that is not too aggressive for them.  For example, if you have very young, small Scouts in your crew, it is probably not a good idea to pick a "super-strenuous" itinerary. 

You should try to fit the programs to your crew's interests.  Obviously, with a crew of twelve, there will be widely varying desires and interests so this is an inexact science at best!  By taking the list of programs available at Philmont and using this to survey the crew members you can find those programs that appeal to the majority of the crewmembers.  If you have mostly crew members that have not been to Philmont, you should emphasize programs and select a lower numbered itinerary that provides the maximum number of and time for programs.  Conversely, if your crew has been to Philmont and has participated in most of the programs, you may want to select either a specialized itinerary (climbing, challenges, etc.) or one that climbs a number of the highest peaks at Philmont.

Two documents are available to assist you in the itinerary selection process.  There are 7-Day and 12-Day versions of each.  The first document is a Program Interest survey form.  Copies of this should be printed for each crew member (usually including the adults) and they should rank the programs they are interested in.  The second document is an Excel spreadsheet.  The results of the survey's are entered into it to help select your itinerary.  The spreadsheet uses some preference information about what your crew's capability and overall interests and the results of the program surveys.  It creates several outputs including:

  1. a chart (and list) showing the programs that your crew prefers
  2. a list of the itineraries that most closely match these programs and the crew preferences
  3. a chart (and list) showing the calculated values for each itinerary based on crew preferences and crew member scores entered
  4. summary descriptions of itineraries including a campsite elevation graph. 

You can then use these results along with the TREKS 2018 book to make your final selection.

The Program Survey Form and Itinerary Selection Spreadsheet may be downloaded by clicking the buttons below:

    12-Day 7-Day
Program survey form   Program Survey Form (12-Day) Program Survey Form (7-Day)
Itinerary Selection spreadsheet (NOTE that this spreadsheet has macros that must be enabled to work properly.)   Itinerary Selection (12-Day) Itinerary Selection (7-Day)

The 12-Day and 7-Day program surveys and spreadsheets have been updated to reflect the itineraries and program definitions in the Philmont TREKS 2018 Itinerary Guide books. 

While these tools have been made available for your use, they do not take the place of in-depth discussion and study of the available itineraries by your crew members.  Because they are only tools, the crew has the ultimate responsibility for selecting the best itinerary for your crew.  They may provide you with a starting point for these discussions.

In addition to the itinerary selection tools, it is strongly recommended that each crew prepare a Duty Roster.  Information on doing this can be found by clicking here:  Duty Roster     

If you have suggestions to making these tools more accurate, easier to use, or other improvements, please let Sid Covington know.   He would also be interested in knowing how useful these tools are to you.

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