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Philmont Trail Food

You may look at the trail food menu's from Philmont for 2002 through 2010 by clicking the buttons below.

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There is generally a sale on Philmont Trail Food that may be used for shakedown's.  Click the button below for ordering information.

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Ten different trail menus are issued -- these are numbered 1 through 10.  For each, there is a Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper.  The individual meals are labeled by the menu number and meal, i.e., Breakfast 4, Lunch 9, Supper 10, etc.


If a crew member cannot eat one of the Philmont meals due to religious or medical reasons, they may bring substitute meals.  The process for this is documented in the Guidebook to Adventure (page 26 in the 2012 version).  The crew member should examine the menu's (click the button above) to determine which meal(s) they are unable to tolerate.  When they have determined which they need to substitute, they should obtain the replacement food and package it in a gallon size Zip-Lock freezer bag.  The bag should be labeled with the meal name (Breakfast 4, Lunch 9, Supper 10, etc.), the crew member's name, and the Expedition number.


On the afternoon of Day 1 at Philmont, the crew member, the crew's Ranger, and the Crew Leader will return to Logistics late in the day.  They will bring the substitute meals and the Crew Leader Copy form the Crew Leader got when they were at Logistics for Trip Planning earlier in the day.  The Logistics staff will bundle the meal(s) by backcountry commissary and will arrange for it to be at the commissaries when the crew makes its regular food pickup's during their trek.


If there are concerns about food served in Philmont's base camp dining halls, the crew member(s) with the concern should meet with the dining hall manager upon arrival at Philmont.


Be aware that there is no coffee in any of the trail meals.  If you have coffee drinkers in the crew, be sure to pick up an adequate quantity of instant coffee mix (regular or decaf) along with packets of sugar and creamer at the Advisor's meeting on Day 1.  Instant is recommended because it minimizes the trash you have to carry.