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Water Purification

Below is a memo that was given to participants in 2006 regarding water purification.

June 6, 2006

TO: Philmont Staff and Participants

FROM: Mark Anderson, Director of Program

SUBJECT: Water Purification-2006

The new water treatment plan that was introduced in 2005 will be used during the summer of 2006.

Philmont Scout Ranch will issue a product called Micropur MP1 distributed by Katadyn North America.

Micropur is a tablet that treats a liter of water and has no unpleasant taste. It is the only tablet or liquid that is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered as a water purification system and controls viruses, bacteria, and cysts (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium).

Micropur treats water for all viruses, bacteria and cysts in 30 minutes. (Note in rare occasions when water is below 4 degrees Celsius and dirty the water takes four hours to treat.) Micropur bubbles and fizzes as it forms Chlorine Dioxide.

Backcountry Water:

  • When treated water is available at Staff Camps, begin each hiking day with full water bottles. No treatment is needed for this water.

  • Use filters and purifiers to treat drinking water along the trail or in trail camps. No waiting time is required for this type of treated water.

  • Use Micropur to treat drinking water along the trail or in trail camps.

  • Boil cooking water - rolling boil for one minute. No treatment is needed for this water.

Distribution of Micropur at Philmont Scout Ranch

  • Camping Headquarters -Services. Services will issue the first distribution of Micropur to crews.

    o Crews will be issued one packet (10 tablets) per person if a crew is carrying filters or purifiers.
          (Two packets per person if crew is not carrying filters or purifiers.)

    o Records of distribution of Micropur tablets will be kept.

    o At the end of the trek all unused Micropur tablets will be collected for redistribution,

    o Crews will be encouraged to practice one piece trash with the packet.

  • Backcountry Commissaries. Backcountry Commissaries will re-supply crews with Micropur tablets as necessary. One crew member should turn in used packets for replacement product. Records will be maintained of distribution.

Water Treatment Training at Philmont Scout Ranch

  • Philmont Rangers. Rangers will train crews in the proper techniques of water treatment.

    o Training in the use of filters and purifiers.

    o Emergency treatment.

    o Use of Micropur in water bottles.

    o Training in the organisms that are found in water that causes sickness.

    o Crews will be encouraged to practice one piece trash with the packet.

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Water Purification